The Da’naxd’axw First Nation wished to improve service reliability and reduce the cost & environmental impact of its diesel station on Harbledown Island.

In November 2017, Brevifolia reviewed designer-builder Global Microgrid’s design and plans on behalf of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), which wished to get a third-party  opinion prior to releasing funding for construction. After reviewing project documentation and upon extensive conversations with Global Microgrid, several issues pertaining to technology assumptions and project management were identified, and recommendations to address those were provided to ISC and Global Microgrid.

Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the Li-ion battery, microgrid controller and associated switchgear in April 2017.

Brevifolia is now acting as Owner’s Engineer (with GHD) to the Da’naxda’xw and ensuring the new solar hybrid system is designed and constructed using best practices. A public RFP led to the selection of Hakai Energy Solutions as designer-builder. Brevifolia is also working with the community decrease its use of electricity through housing & lighting upgrades and the installation of woodstoves and heatpumps. This project is ongoing and is expected to be completed in winter 2019.