Building resilience in the age of climate change

Climate change is upon us. Weather patterns which for the last 100,000+ years allowed human communities (and millions of non-human species) to flourish are shifting rapidly, becoming erratic and extreme.

Governments will likely not be able to act in time as they are beholden to business as usual, extractive industries (oil, gas, mining, logging…) and the logic of economic growth. Meanwhile, climate scientists warn us that the next three decades are likely to see a combination of crop failures (food shortages), weather-related disasters and global unrest.

How can a community prepare and develop its resilience? We start with identifying changes underway – weather, water availability, temperatures, fire season/floods, wildlife populations, vegetation and more. We then assess vulnerabilities and  worst case scenarios. Potential adaptation actions may include infrastructure strengthening, energy use reduction and passive housing, local food production, capacity development and renewable energy… and to tie it all together, developing strong community bonds.

Permaculture forest garden: abundance without fossil fuel inputs