A trusted advisor from feasibility to commissioning.

Solar, wind, bio-energy, energy storage… these renewable energy technologies can dramatically reduce pollution and energy costs for diesel-reliant communities. However, they are also very complex to install, operate and maintain.

Brevifolia has extensive experience with renewable-diesel systems and acts as Owner’s Engineer: a trusted advisor to the final project owner (your community). Our role is to ensure the project fulfills all your objectives.

Renewable energy systems need to operate reliably for the next 25-30 years for benefits to be realized, and we make this a priority. This perspective is applied throughout the course of your project (technology assessment, preliminary design, request for proposals, contract development and negotiations, construction and commissioning, performance monitoring) to ensure no money and effort are spent in vain.

solar panel array
Harbledown Island, traditional territory of the Da'naxda'xw First Nation